TWENTY Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas!

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Easter is just around corner and that means it is time to fill Easter Baskets!! I have a hard time finding things to put in them aren’t just candy or just junk that will get thrown away! Candy is an easy one to go to but since most of us don’t want to kids having too much sugar here are some ideas of non-candy Easter Basket treats! Add your ideas in the comments!!

  1. Joke Books!  These are cheap and fun for all ages! We have a couple and are huge hits!
  2. LEGO fun does this look??
  3. Sidewalk kids can entertain themselves for hours with this!
  4. Flip Flops…Summer is coming!!!
  5. Bath Bombs or Bubble Bath
  6. Lip Balm/Gloss
  7. Nail Polish
  8. Bubbles
  9. Play Doh
  10. Umbrella..How cute is this one??
  11. Fingerpaint Kit
  12. Squishy Stress Relief Ball
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Scented Crayons or Scented Markers
  15. Journals
  16. Basketball son is obsessed with these! Have seen them at the Dollar Store!
  17. Beach Towel or Beach Bag (could even be used as the actual basket!)
  18. Sand Toys..perfect for upcoming beach time!!
  19. Talking Emoji Pen…fun for Tween Boys!
  20. Card Games — Our Favorites are UNO and Spot-It!

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