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It’s time for Giveaway #2!! The winner of this giveaway will win a Wrapples Furry Friend!

  • Your furry best friend you can take anywhere!
  • Slap band tail so your Wrapple securely wraps around your wrist!
  • Light-up eyes to match their mood!
  • Over 50 sounds and reactions!
  • They giggle and purr when you pet them!

To win this HOT Christmas toy, answer the question in the comments. Only comments left here will be entered in the drawing. Winner will be chosen at random tomorrow morning. Good luck!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

4 Comments on GIVEAWAY #2!!

  1. Whoa! Not to sure if I’m to late for this but worth a shot, first off Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, hope all enjoyed! And oh boy, really making us pick our favorite food o. THANKSGIVING, that’s a problem because it’s all so delicious! If I must though, I will take my sweet pot. casserole with pecans and mini marshmallows on top, delicious!

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